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Voluntary groups

Voluntary groups

Depending on their interests and their available time, the volunteers helping in the planning and implementation of actions divided into the following 14 voluntary groups, many of which work together in order to achieve common goals.

Group contact with the media:

- Prepare and send press releases in all newspapers, radio and television stations in the prefecture of Rodopi with brief descriptions of planned activities

Group current European issues and programmes:

- Reliable information on programs and opportunities offered by the European Commission, for example, study, stay and work in another member state of EU
- Awareness of pupils and students on subjects concerning EU through presentations, games and simulations epidapedia European Union institutions as the European Parliament which has been established as an institution from the previous year.

Group employment, education and training:

- Providing information on three topics of this group through events-campaigns and distribution, after the design, printed information materials (posters, brochures)

Group «FIRST ASK»:

- Informing citizens mainly for hot new and urgent issues such as:

1. Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases
2. Avoiding smoking and gradual reduction
3. Limit alcohol consumption
4. Awareness to prevent use of substances

The volunteers divided into small groups of 3-4 persons attempting to inform their peers in places where usually have young people: cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, cinemas, shopping malls, beaches in wider region (during the summer months)

Group environmental awareness:

- Awareness of young people on environmental issues
- Priorities of the group:

1. Climate change
2. Forest ecosystem
3. Solid waste management

Group Human rights and child rights

Group for the program «Youth in Action!»

Group organization and renew library materials

Group for people with disabilities (A.M.A)

Group for consumer protection

Group for Culture issues (Inter-Action)

Group for NGOs and International Organizations

Group on Gender Equality

Group Communications-Information Technology

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