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The Youth Caravan on the road to Komotini


2.364 kilometers, 9 days, 6 cities, 2 countries, 12 youngsters, 1 Idea

EDIC of Komotini and the Youth Information Centre of Komotini in cooperation with the NGO “S&G”implemented on May, 6 2010 the action: “The Youth Caravan on the road to Greece”. During this action many young people of Komotini informed about the “Youth in Action!” program and tried to find out possible ways in order to take part in this program.

The Youth Caravan on the road to Komotini

The action began at 13:00 in the Campus of Komotini where volunteers of the Youth Caravan distributed leaflets, brochures and gadgets of the “Youth in Action!” program to students.

At the afternoon, from 17:00, the young people who show their interest for the “Youth in Action!” program (the majority of them was students of the Democritus University of Thrace), and representatives and members of local NGOs come to the EDIC of Komotini and attended to a special workshop for the “Youth in Action!” program and especially for the Actions: 1.1 Youth Exchanges, 1.2 Youth Initiatives and 2 European Voluntary Service.

At the end of this action, organized a multi-cultural party at the garden of the EDIC of Komotini with music, dance and faces from all over Europe!

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