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What is the Europe Direct Komotini

What is the Europe Direct Komotini

What is the Europe Direct of Komotini?

EUROPE DIRECT took over from the Info-Point Europe KOMOTINI, which was established on July 1996 under the shield of the European Union. Host organization of the Center is the Regional Development Fond of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and it is supported by the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and the Municipality of Komotini. It belongs to a European network with up of 400 Centers, 17 of which are in Greece. It is part of the EU information network, which citizens can reach by dialing the single free phone number 00800-67891011 , or through the internet (http://europa.eu/europedirect/) in order to get information about the European Union in any one of the official European languages.

Aim of the Center is:

To inform citizens, bodies and services of the local community about subjects, policies, activities, programs and initiatives of the European Union concerning:

- Regional policy
- Environment
- Employment & social protection
- Research
- Coity right
- Education & training
- Function of the European institutional
- Youth
- Transportation & Energy
- Culture
- Competition
- Enlargement
- Agriculture & fishery
- Single market
- Commerce
- Rights of the European citizens
- Health & consumers protection        

Activities of the Center:

- It is a permanent contact point between the local community and the European Union.
- It informs bodies and services of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (Municipalities, University, Associations)
- It is housed in the same building with the Youth Information Center. The office is therefore a place of information, cooperation for young people, as there are voluntary groups, dialogue & analysis of European Subject workshops.
- It provides general information about any of the activities of the E.U. , as well as specific information on subjects concerning youth, education, employment, culture and environment.
- It provides general information about the legislation, the programs and the policies of the E.U., as well as the texts of the European Treaties (and the European Constitution).
- It publishes regular reports, organizes information events, sound & TV broadcastings, exhibitions and seminars.
- It cooperates with other national, information and development Centers of the region or of other member states.
- It encourages and supports the participation of citizens, local and regional bodies in European programs.

The Center offers:

- A library with the main E.U. publications, the Official Publication of the European Communities, books and periodicals.
- Video- cassettes, CD- ROMs and DVD-ROMs
- Sheets and publications.
- Free access to all of the national and European databases through the Internet.
- TV that broadcast the program “EUROPE by Satellite” giving the opportunity to the public to be informed about European Union- subjects at the time they happen.

All of the services are free for every interested citizen, body or service.

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