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Organization and modus operandi

For the proper functioning of Voluntary groups and unimpeded objectives adopted the flexible structure below:

•  Information Consultant:

- Provide assistance through advice to the objectives of volunteers

•  Coordinator of Voluntary groups (role):

- Assisting the development of new targets for volunteers
- Identify training needs
- Recognition of the points the European Information Centre - Europe Direct Komotini needs improvement or change
- Expression on the part of volunteers various improvement proposals
- Ensuring the integrity of volunteering
- Develop interpersonal relationships with volunteers

For the volunteering in the Europe Direct of Komotini has been applied each stage of the Management Cycle of volunteers as shown below:

1. Attracting and selection of volunteers (Requirements of volunteers)
2. Orientation and training of volunteers (Attract candidate volunteers)
3. Monitoring and Assessment (Conservation volunteers)
4. Rewarding and Recognition of volunteers (Recognition of volunteers)

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